Firestone Builders Residential Projects
Firestone Builders, Inc. is a Design-Build services company that provides Residential, Commercial, and Civil construction services for our clients. We are an experienced team of planning, design and construction professionals dedicated to assisting clients to obtain the highest quality project, at a cost effective price, and in a short time frame.

Firestone Builders has literally built its reputation for excellence, integrity and reliability from the ground up. In 1989 Chuck El-Maasri started a small contracting firm in San Diego. The company has begun a comprehensive transition from presenting itself as a general contractor to a construction services firm.

Our client-focused approach and commitment to customer service, quality and planning have led us to becoming a leader in Southern California.


We have been building and remodeling since 1989. Our solid knowledge of construction is constantly being expanded to guarantee that we continue to keep in step with new products and innovations.


Our skilled tradesmen have the knowledge and experience to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship and detail.


In order to provide the caliber of sophistication preferred by our customers, we are pleased to facilitate the work of many well respected architects.


We are committed to quality construction and are extremely proud of our work.


The professionalism of our tradesmen is as important as the quality of our work. Honesty, trustworthiness and integrity are criteria for employment with Firestone Builders.

Customer Service

We provide the service and support the customer deserves before, during, and after their project. We offer ideas, provide information on new products and will follow through to help with all questions and concerns during a project.

Financial Stability

We are a Class A rated company and are financial equipped for any size project.


Our project mangers keep all aspects of our projects in line so that we never lose a day of work or make mistakes in materials orders.


We offer a 5 year warranty. Most builders warranty only the first year after construction. We are particularly proud to offer this to our customer.